Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Lerman To Retire

Despite pleas that he reconsider, Don Lerman has issued a statement confirming his retirement from the sport of competitive eating, a sport that helped to define his life -- a sport that he helped to define.

Lerman, who is known as "The Fastest Hands in Competitive Eating" and also as "Grandpa Don Lerman" and "90-Year-Old Don Lerman," set a slew of world records during his eating tenure. Perhaps the most glorious title he achieved, a title he still holds, is Butter Eating Champion of the World (seven quarter-pound sticks of salted butter in five minutes).

"Bad things come in threes," said IFOCE Chair George Shea, referring to the series of retirements that include Lerman, Cookie Jarvis and Badlands Booker. "It is true with plane crashes and it is true with retirements."

Shea said that three of the pillars of 20th Century eating have now left competition. Very few remain to carry the torch for the older generation.

Lerman, who retired from a career in day-old bread sales to spend more time on competitive eating, said he was retiring from eating to spend more time with his dog, Cammie.

Lerman will remain active in the sport he loves and already has begun a career as a commentator, appearing on Eats of Strength.