Thursday, February 25, 2021
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12/15/2011 MLE Offers Services in European Prune Dispute

6/27/2011 Fans See Hillary Clinton's Hand in Visa Resolution

8/5/2010 Chestnut on Pepto Road Show in August

8/5/2010 MLE Starts Japan Tour

6/6/2010 Joey Tops Pat in Pizza Hut Chow-Lenge

5/27/2010 Chestnut V. Bertoletti in Pizza Hut Event

5/12/2010 Acme Oyster Eating World Championship, June 6, 2010

4/17/2010 Notorious B.O.B. Tops Chestnut at Isle of Capri

4/15/2010 Seiken Lipsitz V? Pickles in Florida on 9/12

4/14/2010 Poutine Battle Embroils Canada

4/7/2010 Patrick Vandam Dies While Freediving

4/1/2010 MLE in Australia with 7-Eleven

3/31/2010 Gravy Goads US Male

3/12/2010 "All You Can Eat" Writer Offers "Hot Tub Time Machine"

3/5/2010 Cookie Jarvis' Greatest Challenge

3/4/2010 New MLE Site -- Hall of Fame to Come

7/4/2009 Chestnut Takes Nathan's on July 4

6/27/2009 Reeves to Coney for the Fourth

6/26/2009 Bunnete Search goes online at CitiSearch's Feedbag


6/18/2009 Nathan's Announces July 4 Pre-Show Details

6/15/2009 Nathan's Seeks Bunnettes Via Bunnette Bootcamp

6/6/2009 Gravy, Topless, is Tops in KC

6/2/2009 New Footage of P'Zone Match

5/31/2009 Kobayashi Comeback

5/26/2009 IFOCE Title Match of Titans?

5/23/2009 Juliet Lee Bares Tummy, Downs 30.5 HDBs

5/17/2009 Shout with 38 HDBs at Nathan

5/16/2009 Alpha Dog Eater X Hits 50!

5/9/2009 Flash of Greatness from Gordon


5/7/2009 LeFevre Fights Through the Heat to Win Las Vegas

5/2/2009 Crazy Legs Wins in Dixie

5/2/2009 Pat Uncontested in Metropolis

4/26/2009 Hall Hunt Scores Big Win in Corn

4/25/2009 Bertoletti Topples asparagus King


4/18/2009 Thomas Tops in Oysters

3/19/2009 Mustard Leak

2/24/2009 Postage Paid -- US Male Tops in AC

12/30/2008 Gravy Delivers with "Santa's Slay"


12/28/2008 Koby Fails to Grab Fruitcake Record

12/12/2008 Kobayashi Attempts to Eat All Leftover Fruitcake

9/26/2008 Kobayashi In Chattanooga

9/26/2008 "Reversal"

9/22/2008 KSOV Line-Up Set

9/22/2008 12th Eater to Compete at KSOV

9/18/2008 Major League Eating Reportedly Bidding for WaMu

9/10/2008 MLE Conference Call with MLB to Determine Fate of Kolache Contest


5/8/2008 Big Numbers in Vegas Despite Ephemera Ruling

5/7/2008 ALERT: Contest Length In Question

4/26/2008 Joey Wins Asparagus, Refuses to Endorse a Candidate

4/11/2008 CEN Obtains Nathan's Calendar


2/24/2008 St. Pat Graces Laredo

12/14/2007 The Gift of Music

12/13/2007 Mitchell Report, MLB Offenders Confirmed

11/16/2007 Mad Greek

11/6/2007 Turkey Bowl Leak??


6/28/2007 Hey Shredder Say Hello To Gravy

6/28/2007 ESPN To Explore Koby Jaw Issue

6/25/2007 IFOCE says 'Kobayashi is Day-to-Day for July 4 and Pizza Hut

6/7/2007 Fall from Grace

6/1/2007 Indian Giant to Attend Nathan's 2007 July 4 Event

5/31/2007 Boone Injured in Indian Bike Wreck

5/30/2007 Full Controversy Video Available on MLE

5/26/2007 Sonya over Shoudt in Philly Battle

5/11/2007 Also Featuring

5/9/2007 Livingston V Boone June 9?

5/9/2007 Shoudt to Square Off Againast Sonya in Philly?

5/3/2007 Liz Kellermeyer Submits Killer Bunnette Video

4/18/2007 Double B Goes Pay Per View

3/19/2007 MLE New Beta Site is Up

3/8/2007 Legs/Eater X Video on Spike TV

2/27/2007 Competitive Eating History

2/16/2007 MLE Makes Spike New Home of Competitive Eating

2/2/2007 Major League Eaters Tops in Wing Bowl

1/29/2007 Chestnut Maintains Lead in Points Race

1/19/2007 MLE Points System

1/18/2007 Chestnut Tapped for Wing Bowl

1/18/2007 Major MLE News?

1/16/2007 Pretzel Preview?

1/16/2007 Point System Coming?

12/20/2006 Bertoletti Takes Date Nut Bread-Eating Contest

12/6/2006 Eater Review Panel Recommends Philbin Reinstatement

12/5/2006 Philbin Expulsion Under Review?

12/4/2006 Shoudt, Thomas to Compete in Wing Bowl

12/4/2006 BREAKING NEWS: Pat From Moonachie Expelled from IFOCE

11/29/2006 Thomas Dominates Brits


11/17/2006 Consumer Anticipation Builds for MLE Gear

11/13/2006 Axia 3 to sponsor Thanksgiving Invitational

10/28/2006 Kobayashi Holds Off Chestnut

10/19/2006 IFOCE Holds Third Major League Eating Event on ESPN

10/13/2006 Kobayashi V. Chestnut?

10/7/2006 Exits Eating World--WEB EXCLUSIVE

10/6/2006 Boone To Return from Suspension

10/4/2006 IFOCE Site Tops 100,000 Individual Visits per Month

10/3/2006 Competitive Eating Historic News

9/29/2006 Competitive Eaters in a Pickle

9/26/2006 Janus Flies to Memphis Despite Near Wild Card Lock

9/15/2006 X wins Cannoli-Eating Match

9/15/2006 Kobayashi Takes on Four Americans in Lobster Roll-Eating Match

9/14/2006 Lerman To Retire

9/8/2006 Let it All In

9/5/2006 Conti's 36 Krystals Sets Bar for Wildcard Slots

8/26/2006 Bertoletti Tops in Jalapeno Pepper-Eating Contest

8/24/2006 Competitive Eating Great, Badlands Booker, Retires

7/18/2006 Boone Suspended

7/13/2006 $23,000 in Prizes on Table at Johnsonville Brat Event

7/13/2006 Competitive Eaters Chosen for Johnsonville Brats

7/12/2006 CEN Joins Westchester Organization in Cancer Fund Drive

7/12/2006 Thomas Takes Harrah's Event

6/29/2006 Nathan's Famous July 4 Eating Contest Resource Center

6/27/2006 Booker Takes Nathan's SSS Qualifier

6/26/2006 Nathan's Wild Card Selection

6/26/2006 Final Nathan's Qualifier

6/25/2006 Three Brothers Pizza Embraces Competitive Eating

6/22/2006 Competitive Eating Victory for Seaver Miller

6/17/2006 Janus Excels in Brats

6/15/2006 X Creates Ecuadorian Pizza

6/14/2006 Controversy Swirls Around Norfolk Qualifier

6/13/2006 Jarvis Jacket to be Retired at July 4 Event

6/11/2006 Chestnut Shatters Cheese Sandwich Record

6/8/2006 Qualifier, Rankings, Raffle To Determine Seats in Johnsonville Brat Championship

6/5/2006 Justin Mih Takes Boston Charity Eating Contest

5/31/2006 Chinook Winds Rib-Eating Contest in July

5/30/2006 New Philly HDB Record

5/30/2006 Simpson Takes House of Blues Wing Contest

5/26/2006 Chestnut Guns for Kobayashi

5/26/2006 Janus Earns Spot in Hot Dog-Eating Final

5/26/2006 Oliver's Tamales-Eating Record Falls to Simpson

5/26/2006 Grilled Cheese-Eating Steeplechase

5/26/2006 IFOCE Produces New TV Series, 'Eats of Strength'

5/26/2006 Jarvis Officially Retires

5/26/2006 Bertoletti Shatters 12-Minute Ice Cream-Eating Record in Eight Minutes

5/26/2006 Nerz' Eat This Book Pops

4/17/2006 Controversy in Florida

4/17/2006 Nerz on Daily Show

4/11/2006 Oliver to Defend Tamales-eating Title

4/11/2006 Shoudt, Chestnut Trade Barbs

4/11/2006 Newcomer Broe Considered Threat at Nathan's Florida Opener

4/10/2006 Chestnut Wins Pepper Poppers, But Bertoletti Continues to Impress

4/10/2006 Conti Joins Paris Hilton, Cornelia Guest and Other Cultural "Celebrities"

4/10/2006 Janus First In-Studio Guest on BB’s Corner

4/6/2006 Nerz Releases Eat This Book

4/5/2006 Dale Boone Laments Distance to TGI Fridays

4/5/2006 Janus Training Secret Revealed

4/2/2006 Crazy Legs Conti Squares Off Against Dick Zigun